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Kris Doyle, designer, IA
Kris Doyle, designer, IA

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NAME: Kris Doyle

JOB: Senior director of marketing, Institutional Advancement


“I design for proposals, for the President’s Gala, invitations, brochures and so much more. I work with the VP of Institutional Advancement and the directors of development for each school [in the university] on alumni projects, on events, on proposals they’re working on with different donors and foundations. I’ve been lucky enough to have played a part in some of the big gifts we’ve received, from [Joe and Teresa Long], for example, and the Greehey Foundation…. I love designing. Many times they don’t have an idea of what they want the piece to look like, and I just get to run with it. That’s my favorite thing.”

“I’ve worked here so long. I’ve just grown up here. I started here when I was 22 years old, and I’m 61. I always said I wanted to be that old lady you’d have to go talk to, and now I am! My daughter, Katy, works here now! When I started here there were no computers, no fax machines, or any of these electronics. We used Selectric typewriters, and in the art field we used a waxer to do paste-ups and Amberlith and Rubilith for color separations.

“We used to participate in Fiesta de Tejas on campus. We’d take photos, we painted backdrops where you stick your head in and take a photo, we had someone in our group who did caricatures. And that was so much fun. It was a great group of artists. It’s different now, people are more isolated, I think. We’d all go to lunch together every day, it seems. It just wasn’t as big a place. And being in the art department I got to know everybody because everyone brought their projects there…. You got to know all the doctors, nurses, dentists and researchers. And one day we invented ‘Hug an Artist Day’ and they all came to hug us!

“All four of my kids were born at Methodist Hospital right across from the Health Science Center. When I had Joseph, (my first son) I had worked that day and then went over to the hospital. When I had John I was at work, and left to go over to the hospital. And with Stephen [in 1989] I had worked all day on Mission magazine. They brought me the Mission stuff in the hospital, because I had a C-section and I was in the hospital for four days, and they brought photos and galleys and all this stuff to proofread, because Mission still had to get done. So they brought it to me! The nurses were not happy!”


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