A cell phone provides link to needed support during storm

man charges cell phone in car.

A public servant at heart, Erick Reynero, research area specialist for the ReACH Center, quickly compiled and circulated a list of resources to help the community stay warm.

“I know that thousands of homes on the Westside do not have insulation, and have plumbing and electrical systems that are outdated, and many do not have the financial resources to pay for a temporary residence should their homes become unsafe,” Reynero said. “My first thought was that my people on the Westside are not going to make it unless they are offered resources to survive the horrific weather. Though I did not have power in my home, I charged up my phone in my car and started searching for community organizations that were providing safe shelter, warm clothing, food and water, and financial assistance during the freezing weather, so that I could circulate a list to as many people as possible.”

Reynero has a background in firefighting and emergency medical services, which was helpful in his search for community resources. He was also raised on San Antonio’s Westside, a historically underserved community.

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