Long School of Medicine

Express-News: Drug for concussion, stroke moves closer to human trials

July 25, 2017

James Lechleiter wasn’t trying to save brain cells when he stumbled upon a discovery that would launch his pharmaceutical company. Read the full story at the Express-News

Zebrafish model explains how recurring cancer may resist treatment

July 21, 2017

UT Health San Antonio researchers are learning how stem cell biology causes 30 percent of children who have a rare muscle cancer to relapse and not respond to treatment.

Rong Li, Ph.D., UT Health San Antonio, studies BRCA1 gene mutations and breast cancer.

BRCA1 discovery has implications for breast and ovarian cancer research

July 18, 2017

Rong Li, Ph.D., and colleagues at UT Health San Antonio have discovered a new, previously unrecognized function of the BRCA1 gene.

Dr. DeLee inducted into sports medicine hall of fame

July 17, 2017

Jesse C. Delee, M.D., clinical professor of orthopaedics, was inducted into the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s Hall of Fame.

Presidential Award winner: James Lechleiter, Ph.D.

July 14, 2017

He received a Teaching Excellence Award.

Pilot program to aid caregivers in military families

July 3, 2017

UT Health San Antonio is launching a 12-week pilot program to provide telehealth counseling for caregivers in 50 military families.