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Finasteride as prostate cancer screening tool is the subject of new CTRC study

March 22, 2011

A new study launching today at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio proposes a revolutionary new way to evaluate men who are having PSA testing for prostate cancer.

Mapping the universe of a protein

March 18, 2011

Andrew P. Hinck, Ph.D., spends his days methodically mapping a tiny universe inhabited by an important protein in the human body – an effort that could have an enormous impact on cancer treatment.

At “Match Day” envelope opening, medical students learn where residency training will take them

March 16, 2011

Match Day, a geographic raffle that tells new doctors where their medical careers will be launched. It could be anywhere from New York to Hawaii, Florida to Alaska – fourth-year medical students won’t know until they open the envelopes.

UT Medicine San Antonio offers new multiple sclerosis clinic

March 16, 2011

UT Medicine San Antonio today announced good news for patients and families affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) — a new MS clinic at the Medical Arts and Research Center, 8300 Floyd Curl Drive.

Finding shows potential way to protect neurons in Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS

March 11, 2011

Cell biologists pondering the death of neurons — brain cells — said today that by eliminating one ingredient from the cellular machinery, they prolonged the life of neurons stressed by a pesticide chemical.

CTRC launches community outreach talks on clinical trials

March 11, 2011

For the individual patient, clinical trials are a chance to try cutting-edge cancer therapies under close and caring supervision. For the world, clinical trials have the potential to develop new weapons in the fight against cancer.

Researchers help Girl Scouts find new ways to be physically active

March 9, 2011

For girls growing up on the city’s West Side, exercise may not be as simple as a walk in the park.

6 from Health Science Center win AACR cancer research awards

March 9, 2011

Six investigators from The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio will receive awards from the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) at its annual meeting April 2-6 in Orlando, Fla.

Student nurses train to stem the tide of Latino youth obesity

March 8, 2011

Hispanic nursing students in five U.S. cities — Chicago, Phoenix, San Antonio, Brownsville, Texas, and Edinburg, Texas — will become trainer-influencers to communities, steering Hispanic youth and their families away from the damaging lifelong effects of childhood and adolescent obesity.

March of Dimes provides $400,000 for preterm birth research

March 8, 2011

With the help of funding from the March of Dimes, a UT Health Science Center San Antonio researcher is working to expand knowledge about how to predict and prevent early births.

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