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Health Science Center school renamed to showcase health professions

August 18, 2008

A national movement away from the term “allied health” led to renaming of one of the five schools of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

Dr. Norma Martínez Rogers to lead National Association of Hispanic Nurses

August 15, 2008

Overcoming the humble beginnings of growing up in public housing, Norma Martínez Rogers, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN, associate clinical professor in the Department of Family Nursing at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio, has received a new national honor.

Therapeutic target ID’d for deadly childhood muscle cancer

August 14, 2008

Curbing the activity of a substance called “platelet-derived growth factor receptor A” dramatically reduced aggressiveness of an often-untreatable childhood muscle cancer in mice and cells, a new study from The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and partner institutions shows.

Team finds clue in basic biology of X-linked mental retardation

August 11, 2008

Scientists describe process that fails to silence improper neuronal gene expression

Video game helps cancer patients 13-29 adhere to treatment

August 4, 2008

Re-Mission™, a video game for cancer patients ages 13-29, is an effective way to improve adherence to oral chemotherapy regimens, antibiotic therapy and other survival-affecting behaviors in this young and at-risk population, according to a clinical research study described in today’s issue of Pediatrics.

United Way honors Usatine for Student-Run Free Clinic leadership

July 31, 2008

The concept is simple yet profound: Training medical students in the community where they are needed, rather than solely in classrooms, results in a well-rounded, more-compassionate physician of the future.

Teachers sharpen health science teaching skills at summer institute

July 29, 2008

The Med Ed Teacher Institute: Building Educational Bridges into the Health Professions, a program replete with hands-on activities that can be effective for teaching, including a portable echocardiogram (ECG) machine to monitor the heart, tooth models and a dental cavity potential kit, the art of suturing on a suture practice arm, teaching how to administer shots on a simulator, DNA fingerprinting kits and a “Who Owns These Bones?” scientific investigation kit.

UT Health Science Center to offer doctoral degree in physical therapy this fall

July 29, 2008

The UT Health Science Center San Antonio’s School of Allied Health Sciences will offer its first doctoral degree this fall — a doctorate in physical therapy (DPT).

Nature article: Gene suppresses DNA break-induced chromosome errors

July 23, 2008

Just as square dance partners join hands at a particular point in the music, so broken pieces of DNA in our cells reunite as they are repaired.

Broken DNA must find right partners quickly amid repairs

July 23, 2008

Gene called ATM suppresses break-induced chromosome translocations, study shows

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