Applications sought for Pepper Center Rapid Response grants

We are soliciting applications for our Rapid Response Pilot Grants Program for aging-related basic, clinical and translational research. Award size will range from $1,000 to $10,000, dependent on scope of work. Applications that are aimed at collecting additional preliminary data in response to a recent, favorably scored, but not funded grant application are of particular interest. Priority will also be given to applications that are attempting to collect additional data in response to a peer-reviewed publication review.

In keeping with the overall emphasis of the San Antonio Pepper Center, the Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core will support studies in either marmosets or human subjects, focusing especially on pharmacologic interventions using compounds already in clinical use for other indications. However, we will also consider new molecular entities, stem cell, and gene therapy approaches, and other novel approaches to improving the health and functioning of older people, based upon emerging clinical or basic science research. We will primarily focus on applications that propose to test a hypothesis embodying the central theme of interventions that may impact favorably on healthspan and/or lifespan, either in marmosets or people. While, research in marmosets and humans will receive the highest priority, other animal models may be considered; very strong justification for their use must be provided.

A “rolling applications process” will be used, and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until allocated funds for this program have been spent. For further information, including details regarding eligibility and award criteria, please review the RFA at, or contact Robert A. Clark, M.D., PESC Core Leader, at


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