Residents with prediabetes needed for medications study

175 area residents with a diagnosis of prediabetes are encouraged to enroll in a clinical trial offered by UT Health San Antonio and University Health System.

The study, conducted at the Texas Diabetes Institute (TDI), is comparing four medications to see which will best prevent conversion to Type 2 diabetes.

“People with prediabetes are at very high risk of progressing to overt diabetes,” said Alberto Chavez, MD, who sees patients at the TDI and is leading the clinical trial. “We believe they should be treated, but which therapy to use is presently unclear.”

The time to prevent diabetes is now. Diabetes and other underlying conditions increase the likelihood of hospitalization from COVID-19.

People with diabetes have a three times higher risk, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Enrollees must be 18 to 65 and have a body mass index score between 24 and 40. Anyone already taking a diabetes medicine or who has a diagnosis of diabetes is not eligible.

Eligible individuals are invited to call the Texas Diabetes Institute clinical trials line at (210) 358-7200.

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