Temporary road closures on Floyd Curl Drive

May 12, 2020

Portions of Floyd Curl Drive, near the STRF and the new Barshop, will be temporarily closed to allow for work on the connecting bridge beginning May 19 until May 22.

Long Campus main entry sign being replaced

May 12, 2020

Starting on Tuesday, May 12, the main entry sign off Floyd Curl to the Long Campus is scheduled to be replaced. The construction of the sign is expected to continue through May 22.

San Antonio Express-News: Editorial: Join our discussion on public health

May 11, 2020

Dr. Barbara Taylor, an associate professor of infectious diseases, is leading the COVID-19 Health Transition team. Dr. Taylor will be joining the San Antonio Express-News editorial board to discuss COVID-19. The community is invited to join the conversation via livestream on Tuesday, May 12, at 11 a.m. on ExpressNews.com. Read more.