Community rotation helps students address their hidden bias

February 9, 2023

UT Health San Antonio is committed to combating health care disparities , however, even with equality as a top priority for many health care professionals, addressing one’s personal bias remains a crucial part of preventing unnecessary barriers to patient care.

A faculty member in blue scrubs instructs a group of dental students who are gowned up and ready for patient care.

International dentist program increases enrollment

January 12, 2023

The School of Dentistry’s International Dentist Education Program has nearly doubled its enrollment for the spring 2023 entry cycle, a decision heavily supported by the school’s faculty and students.

A globe of the Earth sits on an open textbook.

Gum inflammation raises risk of chronic health conditions

January 10, 2023

Researchers worldwide have linked oral health to overall health, especially in relation to the development of gum disease, which develops when bacteria in the mouth are not properly managed through a good oral health care routine.

Woman bares teeth pointing to her inflammed gumline.