Behind the Shield

What comes to mind when you think of a shield?

For most, the shield is a symbol of protection. And though harm comes in many forms, the one weighing on our minds right now is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has challenged our community and people around the world in ways we never imagined.

Shields have long represented illustrious academic institutions such as ours. And today, many members of the UT Health San Antonio family, including our faculty, researchers, health care providers and alumni, find themselves acting as shields for the public during this unprecedented health crisis. They have worked tirelessly and without pause for months on end to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and have witnessed this historic event firsthand on the front lines.

So who are these shield bearers? For the next several weeks, we will be telling the stories of the heroes who are working day in and day out to ease the burden of the pandemic. We will be looking behind the shield at the experiences of the extraordinary people of UT Health San Antonio.


Jennifer A. Walker, MD, FACEP

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