Beware of auto-forwarding email!

Information Security discourages the use of auto-forwarding mail from a university email account to any third-party email service. Auto-forwarding of university email to a personal email account may run the risk of email with sensitive information (patient, student, personal, research) being sent to an unsecured computer outside the university.

With the rise of the social internet and e-commerce, cyber criminals are continuing to exploit user trust of well-known brands by inserting the company’s logo or imitating an executive’s email address in fraudulent phishing emails. To prevent this malicious practice, email service providers use DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) to stop fraudulent emails from a spammer, hacker or another unverified source by preventing the delivery of auto-forwarded messages.

Please be aware of the risks involved in auto-forwarding your email to another address. Messages that are manually forwarded will not be impacted by DMARC.

For more information, visit or contact Information Security via email at or by phone 210-567-0707.

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