Campus takes precautions against hurricane-related wind, rainfall

Hurricane Rita is expected to make landfall on the Texas coast this weekend, and Health Science Center leaders have a plan in place to respond to any campus needs that might arise. Administrators met Wednesday to prepare for every contingency.

Rita is expected to dump heavy rain on San Antonio and may bring high wind. James D. Kazen, executive vice president for administration, says the Health Science Center is taking every precaution to protect the missions of the institution.

Kazen asks for the Health Science Center’s community’s cooperation in this effort. Faculty and staff are advised to shut down and unplug computers when they leave for the weekend. Computer backups should also be performed. Laboratories should make sure that all critical experiments are supported by emergency generator power.

Facilities management employees are securing all loose items, such as trash cans, that might blow around outside. Custodial services will watch for leaks in the buildings.

All emergency generators are checked weekly, and the campus has a three-day emergency fuel supply. The laboratory animal resources department is making plans to protect all research animals, including a three-day supply of bottled water.

The division of general stores is purchasing additional quantities of dry ice to help researchers in the event of a power outage.

For the latest information, click on the Campus Status link on the Health Science Center home page or call 567-SNOW. San Antonio radio and TV stations will be notified in the event of a campus closing or delayed start to a workday.

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