COVID-19 Media Coverage

Fox 29: ‘I recommend it for all ages;’ FDA set to approve Pfizer vaccine for children 12-15

May 10, 2021

Dr. Jason Bowling, Infectious Diseases, commented as part of a KABB news story that he recommends the Pfizer vaccine for children of all ages; children in a recent study had a great response to the vaccine, with no worrisome side effects. Watch the story.

Fox 29: 22% of new COVID cases in U.S. found in children, doctors explain why

May 7, 2021

Dr. J.B. Cantey, Pediatrics, explained to the KABB TV audience that as the proportion of older adults either get immunized or have had the infection, the total number of COVID cases wane, thereby cases in children (not yet eligible to receive the vaccine) will become a bigger and bigger portion of the cases; also as […]

Fox 29: Telemedicine beyond pandemic: A bill that seeks to keep insurance companies paying for it

May 6, 2021

Dr. Robert Leverence, chief medical officer of UT Health Physicians, spoke to KABB/WOAI regarding the benefits of using telemedicine, even beyond the pandemic; it’s convenient for doctors and patients and opens health care access to those who normally would not be able to make an in-person doctor’s visit. Watch the story. 

Pleasanton Express: ‘Nursing is key’

May 5, 2021

In honor of National Nurses Week May 6-12, Frances (Netardus) Soward, School of Nursing alumna and ICU nurse at Methodist Hospital South, is featured in this Pleasanton Express story. Read the story.

Univision 41: Experto asegura que no se ha demostrado que las vacunas contra el covid-19 afecten el ciclo menstrual

May 3, 2021

Dr. Gabriel Medrano, Obstetrics and Gynecology, appeared on Univision to discuss whether there is any connection between the COVID-19 vaccine and heavy menstruation. Watch the interview. 

Univision 41: ¿Tienes dudas sobre las vacunas contra el covid-19 y cómo recibirlas? En este FB Live te explicamos todo lo que necesitas saber

April 29, 2021

Dr. Amelie Ramirez, Institute for Health Promotion Research and Salud America!, spoke on Thursday’s 10 a.m. program of Univision Facebook Live, answering questions about vaccines against COVID-19 and how to receive them. Read more.