COVID-19 Media Coverage

Texas Standard: Ask a doctor: I’m vaccinated; When do I need to wear my mask?

April 29, 2021

Dr. Fred Campbell, General and Hospital Medicine, appeared on the statewide public radio program Texas Standard to address listeners’ questions about vaccination rates in Texas, the importance of the second vaccine dose, wearing masks after getting vaccinated and the long-term health issues to watch out for if you’ve had COVID-19. Listen here. 

KENS 5: Coronavirus vaccination numbers are on the decline

April 27, 2021

Dr. Jason Bowling, Infectious Diseases, speaks to KENS 5 viewers about the decline in COVID-19 vaccination numbers and encourages the vaccine-hesitant public to change its behavior. Watch the story.

San Antonio Report: Poetry joins San Antonio to the world, via vaccines and agua

April 26, 2021

The Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics is mentioned in this San Antonio Report story for its involvement in the Dear Vaccine project. Read the story.

San Antonio Express-News: San Antonio’s Texas Kidney Foundation will send free screening kit

April 26, 2021

Dr. Kumar Sharma, Nephrology, is quoted in this San Antonio Express-News article and explains that many people are skipping doctor visits or don’t get blood tests because of the pandemic and that COVID itself can cause acute kidney disease. Read the story. 

KENS 5: Lower vaccine demand creates new challenges for San Antonio clinics

April 26, 2021

Dr. Mike Charlton, Risk Management & Safety, was interviewed for this KENS 5 story about COVID vaccine hesitancy being one of the new challenges surrounding lower vaccine demand in San Antonio. Watch the story.

San Antonio Express-News: Zombies, umbrellas, R-naughts – explaining coronavirus herd immunity and whether we can get there

April 23, 2021

Dr. Carlos Roberto Jaén, Family & Community Medicine, and Dr. Jason Bowling, Infectious Diseases, contributed to a San Antonio Express-News feature on the coronavirus, commenting that pregnant women are at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19, compared to non-pregnant women, that people should remain vigilant even after they’ve been vacinated and, to reach herd […]