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Maine News Online: New hepatitis treatment

April 8, 2016

Medical researchers have claimed that an investigational combination of drugs can effectively treat chronic hepatitis C cases. Using the direct-acting antiviral agents used in the experimental treatment, the research team reported over 90 percent success rate for HCV patients. Read the full story at Maine News Online

Odessa American: Artificial sweeteners are not weight loss wonders

April 8, 2016

Studies show link between artificial sweeteners and obesity.

Dr. Rene Olvera

News 4: Overwhelming number of cyberbullying victims don’t tell adults

April 7, 2016

A Texas-based research center says an overwhelming number of bullying victims never report it to adults. That can lead to depression or even suicide.

Tooth, dental implants

San Antonio Magazine: Chew on this

April 7, 2016

One of Dr. Thomas Oates’ many responsibilities is instructing and guiding dental residents. A few years ago, one of his students approached him with a question he couldn’t answer: What should she do for a patient with diabetes who desperately needed an implant to replace a missing tooth?

Ultrasound Center

Fox 29: Ultrasound Center unique in the country

April 6, 2016

Two doctors, Dr. Nilam Soni and Dr. Craig Sisson, at the University of Texas Health Science Center helped create a center unique in the country for how medical care is executed. Their hope is to speed up the medical care process and make it more accurate.


Express-News: Drug designed in San Antonio fights age-related diseases

April 4, 2016

A San Antonio company is trying to break into the pharmaceutical market with a new version of an old drug that it believes offers hope to two-legged and four-legged patients diagnosed with incurable or life-altering diseases.