Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics receives $100,000 endowment

San Antonio (Jan. 14, 2004) – Stewart Reuter, M.D., former chairman of radiology at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, and his wife, Marianne, have given a $100,000 endowed professorship to the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics at the Health Science Center.

“Stewart Reuter has had a distinguished tenure with the school and his unique training in law and medicine has given him a particular interest in what we do,” said Abraham Verghese, M.D., the Marvin Forland Distinguished Professor and director of the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics. “And because of Marianne Reuter’s training as an art historian and curator, the two of them are very interested in methods of bringing humanities into the traditional medical curriculum. We are honored by this generous gift and by their wonderful and continuing support of the center’s activities.”

One of the center’s goals is to help students preserve their innate imagination and integrity through the rigorous course of scientific training by introducing a humanities and literature curriculum in all four years. The center also aims to arm students with a working knowledge of ethics and the reasoning tools to sort out difficult problems. The center holds an ethics brown bag series, exhibits, lectures, theater performances and literature readings that supplement the humanities and ethics curriculum, and it also offers elective courses.

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