Changes for long distance and IT billing coming Sept. 1

Changes to dialing domestic long distance calls and to departmental IT bill will begin Sept. 1. Please see below for details:

  • Long-distance will no longer be a billed service. A long-distance code will not be required for domestic calls, but will be needed for international long-distance calls.
  • Zoom, Rightfax and Whitepages will be billed annually.
    • Annual renewals will be charged in September to the PID on file for the full year subscription.
    • Annual subscriptions requested mid-year will be prorated from the month the service begins.
    • Cancellations for annual subscriptions will result in no renewal the following fiscal year.
    • Refunds will not be provided for mid-year cancellations of annual subscriptions as a refund is not received from the vendor.
  • No change to services billed monthly, including pagers, mobile phones, hot spots, circuits, conference phones, business lines and standard telephone lines.
    • Monthly subscriptions for these services will be billed the month service begins.
    • Monthly bills will be discontinued once the service has been disconnected.
  • Data Warehouse SSRS IMS Self-Service IDT reports will now include recurring telephony billing and will be available as of Sept 27. Historical telephony IDT detail will remain in their current location for fiscal years 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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