Cleaning kits help curb the spread of COVID-19

Sanitation protocols along with enhanced housekeeping are just a few of the strategies implemented to keep everyone safe and healthy on campus.

In addition to high-touch surfaces being frequently sanitized in each building, Facilities Management is providing kits for supplemental cleaning in administrative offices, classrooms and laboratories.

The cleaning kits include a bottle of disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, a paper towel package and application instructions. Research laboratory cleaning kits also contain disinfectant wipes.

Application instructions for the cleaning solutions included in the kits can be found on this instruction sheet.

Videos with cleaning instructions are available for offices and classrooms and for laboratories.

It is recommended that one kit is provided per five office staff, one kit per classroom and one kit per laboratory.

The kits are either delivered by the Housekeeping Department to the department’s office or lab or the kits can be picked up in the Dental School Building, Room 1.265S.

Questions about cleaning kit distribution, usage instructions or any other sanitation questions can be submitted to

What to expect in the cleaning kits.

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