Computer monitor backgrounds to update this week

The default background on all UT Health-owned computer screens will update the week of Feb. 13 using the new brand guidelines. This update will replace the retired hexagon logo with the new UT Health San Antonio logo in an effort to align the brand platform internally. Cohesive messaging and consistency contributes to brand recognition, which fuels loyalty and allows each element of our brand to work harmoniously together.

For those who have altered their background wallpaper to display a favorite picture as your computer’s desktop background, this update will “reset” your background wallpaper to the new default.  You may replace your background wallpaper with your preferential personal image(s) by following the respective download instructions available online to change the monitor display for your Mac, PC, personal device, etc.

Thank you for your patience as we take the next nine to 12 months to supplement our brand in a cost-effective, yet purposeful and intentional way.

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