Conflict of interest module for faculty and staff to go live late October

In late October, the Enterprise Research Management System (ERMS) Conflict of Interest (COI) module will replace iDisclose 6.0 for the disclosure of outside activities and financial interests.

As a part of the Office of the Vice President for Research’s commitment to providing exceptional support to UT Health San Antonio’s faculty and staff, the module has several time-saving features including rolling disclosures of outside activities and financial interests.

Rolling disclosures allow faculty and staff to make real-time disclosures that can be amended at any time throughout the year. Covered faculty and staff must disclose as activities occur or financial interests are acquired. If no updates are needed, the module will prompt users to recertify their disclosures annually.

This new functionality will reduce administrative burden by eliminating the need to submit duplicate disclosures and promote compliance through real-time data capture of outside activities and financial interests. Implementation of rolling disclosures will improve the user experience and simplify the disclosure process for covered faculty and staff across the university.

Questions regarding the module and the transition from iDisclose can be sent to

Resources to support the use of the module include:


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