COVID-19 booster vaccines available for faculty, staff, students and residents

All faculty, staff, students and residents who have not yet signed up for a COVID-19 booster vaccine can now register.

Those who are immunocompromised or are at risk of severe symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to receive a third shot. The third shot available today is provided by Pfizer only; Moderna’s third shot has not yet been approved. Anyone in this category, regardless of whether initial vaccines were Pfizer or Moderna, can get a third Pfizer shot.

For those wanting a vaccine booster and are over 65 years old, health care workers, nursing home residents or who have co-morbid conditions, Pfizer is available. Currently, only those who received a Pfizer first and second dose can receive the Pfizer booster. For those who received Moderna or J&J vaccines, the Pfizer booster is not approved. Moderna and J&J are requesting approval for boosters from the CDC and this information is expected to be updated. Learn more about the latest guidelines.

Schedule your vaccine

All available vaccination dates, times and locations can be viewed and scheduled by logging into the scheduling website. Booster scheduling is currently available to everyone with a UT Health San Antonio sign-on. UT Health San Antonio eligible patients will receive an invitation to schedule their booster COVID-19 vaccines via MyChart. This includes patients aged 12 and older at high risk of severe COVID-19, as well as all patients aged 65 and older.

To schedule your COVID-19 booster, log in to our scheduling website. Locations include the Medical Arts and Research Center (MARC) or Wellness 360 located in the School of Nursing.

  • Scheduling your vaccine must be completed by logging into the secure UT Health San Antonio scheduling website.
  • Your UT Health San Antonio user ID and password are required to log in to the portal. If you do not have a working user ID and password, please contact your department administrator.
  • After logging in, select “Schedule Your Vaccine” from the top menu.
  • Then select “COVID Third Dose – Booster Dose” from the drop-down menu listing the type of visit. (See graphic below.)Vaccination scheduling graphic

The scheduling site can also be accessed on mobile devices by scanning this QR code:

QR code

Complete your electronic check-in and required consents within MyChart

MyChart electronic eCheck-in is required to streamline check-in. If you already have a MyChart account, a link to “Log In” will be provided after selecting and confirming your vaccine appointment.

To receive the COVID-19 vaccine, certain consents listed below may need to be completed, if they have not been previously completed:

  1. Consent for Treatment: Required if you have not previously received a vaccine or care from UT Health Physicians or Wellness 360.
  2. Notice of Privacy Practice: Required if you have not previously received a vaccine or care from UT Health Physicians or Wellness 360.
  3. COVID Vaccine Acknowledgement: Required if you have not previously received a vaccine with UT Health Physicians or Wellness 360.
  4. Notice for Voluntary Disclosure of Social Security Number: Required if you have not previously received a vaccine or care from UT Health Physicians or Wellness 360.
  5. Authorization to Release COVID-19 Immunization Record to the Department of Human Resources: This is to ensure your vaccine is on file should this information be needed in the future. It is optional, but recommended, if you have not previously completed.

Sign up for MyChart if you are not a MyChart user

MyChart is the online portal for patients made available through Epic, our electronic medical record. MyChart allows 24/7 access to your health records through UT Health San Antonio. A MyChart account is necessary for completing eCheck-in, even if you do not plan on being a future patient of UT Health San Antonio. After completing the scheduling process, you will be prompted to “Sign up now.”

We hope these measures help expedite everyone’s access to the COVID-19 booster for a more seamless vaccination experience. Should you experience any technical issues with the scheduling website or mobile site, please call the Health IT Help Desk at (210) 450-4800.

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