Culture of campus safety

Safety is always an important topic for our campus, and we continuously strive to reinforce a positive safety culture to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, students and visitors. Being reminded of our safety culture can help all of us stay safe. An effective safety culture includes positivity and proactivity by communicating openly about procedures and prioritizing safety, allowing employees to address issues quickly and maintaining important safety standards. Below are university policies and protocols related to badging and building access that help to maintain safety standards, which also demonstrates respect to employees, students and visitors and reinforces the importance of a culture of safety at our university.


  • All employees and students must wear a university-issued badge with their photo and name visible [Handbook of Operating Policies | Policy 8.7.10].
  • Visitors to campus, including contractors and vendors, must be escorted by someone wearing a university-issued badge. Patients seeking health care services do not need escorts for their appointments.
  • If you see someone on our campus without a badge, please ask them if they may need assistance in finding a specific location or person.

Building Access

  • Badge-access entry points will continue to be limited among buildings across the campus.

Safety is our highest priority, and everyone is accountable in a positive safety culture. Each one of us influences safety practices and it is important that we all understand our safety procedures and contribute to safety communication and positivity.

If you would like to learn more about the many safety offerings provided on campus, you can access the following services offered by UT Police:

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