Data may detect who will have dementia and what type

Granddaughter helping her disabled grandmother walk with the aid of a walker.

What if, by inputting information about dementia and a patient into a supercomputer and crunching the data, a treatment team could quantify the individual’s risk of developing the disease?

And what if, based on the results, the team could diagnose which type and subtype of dementia that the patient might develop?

And what if the team could prescribe lifestyle changes and drug therapy specifically geared for that subtype to prevent it?

That’s the ambitious vision of the future held by Mohamad Habes, PhD, director of the Glenn Biggs Institute neuroimaging core at UT Health San Antonio.

Dr. Habes coauthored a paper published this year in the journal Biological Psychiatry that reviewed 29 studies of subtypes of multiple neurodegenerative diseases.

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