Dental hygiene senior appointed to Floresville city council

Jade Jimenez with Marissa Ximenez after her city council appointment. Photos Courtesy: Jade Jimenez and Marissa Ximenez

By Kristen Zapata

“My late father, Gerard Jimenez, was a voice for the citizens”, says Jade Jimenez, dental hygiene senior at UT Health San Antonio’s School of Dentistry.

On Monday, January 13, 2020 and after an unanimous vote, Jade was honored by being appointed to the Floresville city council. Upon her appointment, Jade became a record breaker as well by being the youngest Hispanic female to sit on the city council in Floresville.

Jade Jimenez being sworn into her city council appointment.

The appointment to City Council Place 4, is a step towards healing for the Jimenez family and the city of Floresville. A week prior, Councilman Gerard Jimenez was fatally injured in a vehicle accident. This news broke the hearts of his family, friends and hundreds of his constituents across Floresville and the surrounding areas. Councilman Jimenez’ seat passing down to his daughter, Jade, was met with much celebration and enthusiasm in Floresville.

Councilwoman Marissa Ximenez said on her Facebook page, “Today we said our final goodbyes to Councilman Gerard Jimenez. Although we miss him dearly, his legacy continues. I had [the] honor and privilege to appoint his daughter, Jade Jimenez, to take his seat on council so she may continue his work for the betterment of our city. With an unanimous vote and after her swearing in, she took her seat and took action on items. As many have already said, her father is proudly watching from above. He would have pushed on to continue conducting city business as we did.”

The Jimenez family: Jade Jimenez (center); (left to right) Sylvia Jimenez, Gerard Jimenez, Serena Moreno, and Jewel Jimenez

Jade reflects on her father’s three terms of council service and is proud to continue his work. She says, “I was honored when the city council appointed me to take his seat. It was a bittersweet moment, but I know my father was proud of me and was smiling from above. I look forward to continue bettering the city of Floresville and bringing in the younger generation to make a difference.”

In an act of honor and remembrance, the City of Floresville will devote November 8th of each year as “Gerard Jimenez Day”. The School of Dentistry congratulates Jade Jimenez and looks forward to her bright future as a skilled oral health professional and a resilient community leader.

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