Doctors to make house calls on students

UT Health Science Center faculty to visit local schools for Doctors’ Day


Every minute of every hour, a medical doctor is answering the call of patient care and fulfilling the Physician’s Oath of Hippocrates. From providing therapies to counseling, and from testing theories of disease to developing new treatments, physicians and other professionals provide an essential service to humanity. To celebrate this call and inspire students to follow medicine and science career paths, faculty members from the School of Medicine at the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio are heading to schools throughout the city for National Doctors’ Day. They will share their personal stories and watch the spark grow in young people.


School visits will occur Wednesday, March 26, throughout the day. A media opportunity is offered starting at 9:30 a.m. with William L. Henrich, M.D., MACP, president of the Health Science Center, and Francisco González-Scarano, M.D., dean of the School of Medicine and vice president for medical affairs.


Health Careers High School, 4646 Hamilton Wolfe, San Antonio, Texas 78229.


Dr. Henrich is a nephrologist and Dr. González is a neurologist. Both leaders have extensive lists of publications from their fields in scientific journals.

This year’s speakers represent a wide range of specialties, including neurosurgery, ophthalmology, emergency medicine, radiology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, gastroenterology, cardiology, psychiatry, family medicine, otolaryngology, orthopaedics, nephrology and microbiology. Most of the speakers see patients of UT Medicine San Antonio, the clinical practice of the School of Medicine.

Complete list of UT Health Science Center speakers at local schools for Doctor’s Day:

Faculty Name, Department, School Visiting on March 26

Carmelito Arkangel, M.D., Emergency Medicine
School Visiting: John Jay Science & Engineering Academy

Jodi Gonzalez Arnold, Ph.D., Psychiatry
School Visiting: Stevens High School

Chatchawin Assanasen, M.D., Pediatrics-Hematology/Oncology
School Visiting: East Central High School

Philip Chen, M.D. , Otolaryngology-Head Neck Surgery
School Visiting: Judson High School

N. Carol Dornbluth, M.D., Radiology
School Visiting: Churchill High School

Donald Dudley, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology
School Visiting: Antonian College Preparatory High School

Marijan Gillard, M.D., Family & Community Medicine
School Visiting: Brennan High School

Francisco González-Scarano, M.D., Neurology/Dean, School of Medicine
School Visiting: Health Careers High School

Glenn Gross, M.D., Medicine-Gastroenterology
School Visiting: Whittier Middle School

Karen Hentschel-Franks, D.O., Pediatrics-Pulmonology
School Visiting: St. Anthony Catholic High School

William L. Henrich, M.D., Medicine-Nephrology/President
School Visiting: Health Careers High School

Haneme Idrizi, M.D., Pediatrics-Inpatient Pediatrics
School Visiting: STEM Academy – Lee High School

Daniel Johnson, M.D., Ophthalmology
School Visiting: Fox Tech High School Health Professions Magnet

Sarah Lapey, M.D., Medicine-Gastroenterology
School Visiting: Warren High School

Tisha Lunsford, M.D., Medicine-Gastroenterology
School Visiting: Taft High School

Darlene Metter, M.D., Radiology
School Visiting: Brennan High School

Travis Murray, M.D., Orthopaedics
School Visiting: San Antonio Christian School

Pamela Otto, M.D., Radiology
School Visiting: Brandeis High School

Sara Pastoor, M.D., Family & Community Medicine
School Visiting: McNair Middle School

Sophia Pina, Ph.D., Microbiology & Immunology
School Visiting: Marshall High School

Sophia Pina, Ph.D. (second visit), Microbiology & Immunology
School Visiting: Providence Catholic School

Carlos Rosende, M.D., Ophthalmology
School Visiting: Clark High School

Ali Seifi, M.D., Neurosurgery
School Visiting: Basis San Antonio

Shafqat Shah, M.D., Pediatrics-Hematology/Oncology
School Visiting: Burbank High School

Dina R. Tom, M.D., Pediatrics-Inpatient Pediatrics
School Visiting: Young Women’s Leadership Academy

Hugh White, M.D., Radiology
School Visiting: Marshall High School


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