Duo two-factor authentication changing WordPress login process

To maintain the security of the university’s web presence, all WordPress sites will require Duo two-factor authentication (2FA) for login beginning Monday, May 2. This change will help keep websites secure if a content editors’ username and password are compromised.

Websites impacted include:
· wp.uthscsa.edu
· lsom.uthscsa.edu
· labs.uthscsa.edu
· library.uthscsa.edu
· campaigns.uthscsa.edu
· students.uthscsa.edu
· magazines.uthscsa.edu
· news.uthscsa.edu
· everythingittakes.org

This new security implementation will require administrators to access Duo 2FA similar to connecting to campus resources remotely.

Instructions may be found in this enrollment guide.

For more information on what two-factor authentication is, visit this FAQ page.

Alternatively, you can also use this enrollment guide for setup.

The IMS Service Desk can aid faculty, staff and students, as needed. Contact them at 210-567-7777 or ims-servicedesk@uthscsa.edu.

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