Enhancement efforts continue to improve wireless connectivity


Recognizing the critical role technology plays in today’s education, the university has recently taken proactive measures to extend and strengthen Wi-Fi signal and improve wireless connectivity.

In the summer of 2023, the university mobilized to take measures to extend and strengthen Wi-Fi signal and improve connectivity, including upgrading the cellular network to 5G, modernizing audiovisual equipment and installing more than 300 new Wi-Fi access points throughout the campus. In addition, in January 2024 the university launched a survey-based initiative allowing for students to report in-the-moment feedback about their connectivity issues.

With 708 survey submissions to date, results indicate that the efforts of the initiative have paid off, with reports of significant improvement to connectivity and fewer reports of connection issues trickling in each week.

Students and other network users are still encouraged to provide survey feedback as the university continues to improve and enhance wireless connectivity on campus. Look for a QR code on flyers, banners and small, square stickers posted around campus. Scanning the QR code will take you to a very brief survey where you can report connectivity issues in seconds, helping the university to continue implementing targeted solutions to ensure reliable internet connection.

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