Expect delays on technology orders

When ordering new computers or printers, the global market is seeing anywhere from 3-6 months or more on delivery times. The shortage is due to several factors including an increased demand because of remote working, shipping delays and manufacturing impacted by the pandemic. Worldwide chip supplies are exhausted and there is a global chip shortage. This is not only limited to computers and IT equipment, but to automobiles and home appliances.

Information Management and Services (IMS) has been working closely with Dell and other manufacturers on this issue. IMS receives equipment dependent on the supply chain. It is not known how long this shortage and delay will last, but IMS is working to provide vital equipment and meet department needs. Departments are encouraged to extend lifecycles of existing equipment, where it is possible. A purchase at Best Buy or Amazon may seem more convenient for delivery, but that is only true if the product can actually be supplied. In addition, the product may not meet our institutional standard and will need to be re-imaged, increasing the delivery time. For more info, please see this link. View the TechZone site here.

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