Faculty member named chair of diversity council

Canty Mitchel

Janie Canty-Mitchell, Ph.D., has been named chair of the Healthcare Diversity Council (HCDC) board of directors. Dr. Canty-Mitchell serves as professor and chair of the Department of Family and Community Health Systems and interim chair of the Department of Health Restoration and Care System Management in the School of Nursing at the Health Science Center.

She oversees faculty and staff members engaged in university-community partnerships to promote health in underserved and diverse populations in San Antonio and surrounding Texas communities.

“Dr. Canty-Mitchell’s leadership and support have been critical to the growth and development of the Healthcare Diversity Council, making her the ideal candidate for chair of this rapidly expanding organization,” said Dennis Kennedy, founder and chair of the National Diversity Council.

Dr. Canty-Mitchell joined the Healthcare Diversity Council board of directors in 2013.

“Dr. Canty-Mitchell was at the beginning of our effort to launch the Healthcare Diversity Council and she has been instrumental in helping the HCDC become a national organization under the umbrella of the National Diversity Council,” said Angeles Valenciano, CEO of the National Diversity Council. “I am deeply honored and grateful for the opportunity to work with such an esteemed and accomplished professional. Her dedication and passion in raising awareness of healthcare disparities and diversity and inclusion in the health care industry and community is exemplary.”

Dr. Canty-Mitchell is a native of Sumter, South Carolina, with 40 years of experience as a professional registered nurse. Her career includes experiences in psychiatric/mental health nursing, public health nursing, supervision and administration, program development, project management, coalition building, teaching, and research.

She earned a diploma in nursing from Lincoln Hospital School of Nursing in 1971 and a B.S. in nursing from Florida State University in 1979. She earned a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in nursing at the University of Miami in Coral Gables.

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