Faculty Showcase puts spotlight on new Academic Learning & Teaching Center

Academic Learning and Teaching Center (ALTC) Dedication
Academic Learning and Teaching Center

The 2nd Annual Faculty Showcase of Educational Innovations, with the theme of “Learning Spaces,” spotlighted the new Academic Learning & Teaching Center (the ALTC) and watched a “First Look Tour” video of the center narrated by Michael Black, senior executive vice president and chief operating officer and Jacqueline Mok, Ph.D., vice president for academic, faculty and student affairs. The video showcased floor by floor blueprints, architectural renderings, furniture and technology layouts and photos of current progress on the building.

The Faculty Showcase also highlighted four HSC Short Talks, modeled after TED talks, from four innovative faculty members: Dr. Diane Solomon, Dr. Jessica Raley, Professor Linda Moore and Dr. Mark Soucy.

Every Patient has a Story
Dr. Diane Solomon teaches neurology to medical students by kindling their minds and hearts. Through pre-class video patient assessments, sequentially disclosed in-class case histories and interactive discussions and live Skype interviews with an actual neurological patient, she and her colleague, Dr. Kris Vogel, not only deepen future physicians understanding of neurological conditions and their assessment, but also the vital role of empathy and listening to every patient’s story, because it could one day be their story.

Trauma Team Communication – Learning in a Flash Mob
Dr. Jessica Raley is a communications expert who helps trauma teams improve communication skills through technology, interdisciplinary education and a communication competency model. In this innovative presentation, she compares superb trauma teams to carefully choreographed flash mobs and describes how communication is a critical element to success in both venues. She describes the potential of the new Trauma Team Competency Assessment 24 (TTCA-24) Instrument to measure trauma team communication effectiveness.

A New Twist on Home Schooling
Professor Linda Moore is a School of Nursing faculty member who describes a community collaborative education program with nursing students in the final semester of their undergraduate program. The talk describes how the senior clients “aging in place” evolve into teachers, and actually provide “home schooling” lessons in hope, professionalism, faith, fun and integrity.

A Living Learning Psych Lab
Dr. Mark Soucy and his community colleagues describe an innovative, community-based psychiatric care program providing holistic patient care to psychiatric patients and their families while concurrently educating health profession students in an interdisciplinary model, collecting valuable research data and inspiring students.

In addition, attendees had the opportunity to see demonstrations of the new BodyViz Digital Anatomy Software by Dr. Omar Rahimi and his staff, the new 3-D Printer available through Creative Media Services, and chat with over 30 faculty members who presented posters highlighting educational innovations on our campus.

The entire program, including the video presentations, can be viewed at https://uthscsa.instructure.com/courses/5073

The showcase was sponsored by the Offices of the Vice-President of Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs, Academic Quality Enhancement, Online & Blended Learning and the Academy of Master Teachers.

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