Gifts for Children brings joy during holidays

For over 25 years, our campus-wide Gifts for Children (GFC) project has been an important and heartwarming activity in which our faculty, staff and students participate to create happier holidays for children in our community.

The need to continue GFC is even more evident during these unusual and difficult times. In lieu of collecting toys and books as we have done in the past, and in consideration of the pandemic, the GFC committee has worked to develop an alternate way to support children in our community.

The GFC committee is partnering with the Long School of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics to join them in their mission to provide direct assistance and resources to disadvantaged families of children with complex medical conditions. All too often, faculty in pediatrics see the critical needs these families face while their child is under medical care. And, the pandemic has only exacerbated these conditions. Thus, a donation link has been created to the Pediatric Family Relief Fund. Faculty in the Department of Pediatrics will utilize all collected funds to help the families of children in most need.

Please join today and support the critical needs of children’s families by making a contribution to the Pediatric Family Relief Fund. Please use this link.

Thank you very much for your generosity.


Mercedes Esquivel,
Development Coordinator, Institutional Advancement
GFC Co-Chair

James P Garza,
Practice Manager, Primary Care Center
GFC Co-Chair

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