Guidance regarding in-person, on-campus activities

Dear UT Health San Antonio faculty, staff, students and residents:

To complement our safety precautions for in-person activities on and off campus, the following guidance is provided based on thoughtful discussions and recommendations of our deans and members of the Academic Continuity Planning Group, which includes Jacqueline L. Mok, vice president of Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs, and Drs. Tom Patterson, Jan Patterson, Jason Bowling, Mike Charlton, Bob Leverence and Scott Jones.

For the foreseeable future, the following safety protocols will remain in place:

·       Universal masking while in groups of two or more.

·       Restricted badge access to enter buildings on campus.

·       Mandatory daily symptoms monitoring and self-screening at self-service kiosk stations.

·       Scrupulous hand-hygiene and sanitizing of high-touch surfaces.

·       No communal food or drink.

·       Stay home if you are sick.

Starting April 5, 2021, the following in-person activities may be permitted, assuming that both the vaccination rate of our faculty, staff and learners and the overall positivity rate in our community continue to improve.

Indoor in-person meetings or activities may be conducted so long as a minimum 3’ physical distance is maintained between persons. This effectively increases capacity from 25% to 50% capacity; please refer to the Room Scheduling website to verify new maximum occupancy levels for all on-campus space. All persons must remain masked and no communal food or drink is permissible. Instead, individually packaged food items may be served, so long as the minimum 3’ physical distance is followed.

Outdoor in-person meetings or activities may be conducted so long as a minimum 3’ physical distance is maintained between persons and all persons remained masked. Outdoor receptions with the communal sharing of food and drink are not permitted at this time. Instead, individually packaged food items may be served, so long as the minimum 3’ physical distance is followed.

For activities involving new, incoming students for the 2021-22 academic year (starting in May 2021):

·       Incoming students are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated prior to the start of the first day of class, as UT Health San Antonio will be returning to in-person learning under the safety protocols articulated above.

·       The university defines “fully vaccinated” as 14 days after the second dose of a two-dose vaccine, or 14 days after a one-dose vaccine. Incoming students will be invited to receive vaccinations here at UT Health San Antonio.

·       If an incoming student has been fully vaccinated at a non-UT Health San Antonio location, the student is strongly encouraged to enter the information as part of the student’s immunization record.

·       Students who decline COVID-19 vaccination must sign a declination statement.

Visiting health sciences students doing clinical rotations or sponsored visitors participating in research activities at UT Health San Antonio:

·       Will be expected to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination along with other visiting-student requirements.

·       May be eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines from UT Health San Antonio if they are at the qualifying age level and will be engaged in on-campus activities for a cumulative duration of 30 or more days.

University-funded gatherings, such as receptions, conferences, continuing education programs, summer camps or other events conducted on or off campus that involve UT Health San Antonio or non-UT Health San Antonio persons must adhere to the following guidelines:

·       Provide a written plan that:

o   Describes the purpose of the gathering and its benefit to the university.

o   Specifies the location of the gathering (on or off campus, building, room number).

o   Identifies the number and type of participants (faculty, staff, students, visitors, guests).

o   Indicates catering use (must be non-communal).

o   Adheres to safety protocols (universal masking, 3’ physical distancing, etc.).

·       Have the expressed approval of the department chair/director.

·       Have the expressed endorsement of the Vice President for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs when academic gatherings exceed 50 guests.

·       Have the expressed endorsement of the Environmental Health & Safety Office when any gathering exceeds 50 guests.

·       Have the expressed advance approval of the respective Dean or Vice President if the estimated cost of the gathering exceeds $500 (HOP 6.1.6).

·       Have the expressed advance approval of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer if the estimated cost of the gathering exceeds $2,500 (HOP 6.1.6).

Guidance regarding resuming group outdoor recreational sports will be provided in April.

General visitors are allowed on campus, as long as all university safety protocols are followed.

UT Health San Antonio reserves the right to revise or rescind any of these recommendations should public health conditions change and jeopardize the health and safety of the university’s faculty, staff, students, residents and fellows, as well as our patients and their families.

With the health and wellness of our faculty, staff, students and residents being our highest priority, we thank you for your adherence to these guidelines.


Andrea Marks
Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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