Happy Nurses Week: A message from Jeremy Viles, chief nursing officer, Mays Cancer Center

Good day Mays Cancer Center!

Happy National Nurses Week! I want to take a few minutes to reflect on the power of the nearly 4 million nurses in the U.S., and the roughly 29 million nurses worldwide. Nurses provide more than 90% of all health care in the U.S.

At the Mays Cancer Center, each of our nurses has a tremendous impact on the health care journey that our patients face. Through our words and our actions, we show compassion, advocacy, education and genuine human connection with our patients. You have an extraordinary power as a nursing professional to impact patients, their families, our environment and also the care delivery on a much larger scale locally and nationally.

Last year, I mentioned that the Gallup group survey revealed nurses were the most trusted profession for 18 years running. Well, this year, we can make that 19, as nurses once again sit atop the list. I see this trust expressed by our patients and members of the community who come to the Mays Cancer Center for their care. I can relay numerous stories of my own friends and family members who are having their treatment here.

Many of you were at the PANAO talk where I told the story of one of our patients, Lee Franzel. Every other week Lee recounts with great joy his experience with his care team, whether in the third-floor clinic or in the infusion center. During those touch points I regularly hear how the care we provide is different, it’s more coordinated and more patient-centered than any other entity where he has received care in his more than 74 years. It gives me great pride and I truly feel honored and privileged to be able to work with such a gifted team of nurses and caregivers.

Thank you for all that you do to make the Mays Cancer Center a wonderful, compassionate, patient-centered care environment. You are all truly inspirational. Happy Nurses Week and be sure to spread the cheer to your teams.

Deepest thanks,

Jeremy A. Viles, DNP, MBA, RN, NE-BC

Chief Nursing Officer, Mays Cancer Center

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