The risk and reward of being an older mom

June 28, 2023

Looking back on her pregnancy with her youngest child, Elaina Sconiers realizes now she should have heeded her doctor’s advice. She was 37, her blood pressure was well under control and she felt good despite being diagnosed with preeclampsia. “I ended up coming off the medication because my blood pressure would bottom out when I […]

Brain stimulation gives Parkinson’s patient new lease on life

June 22, 2023

  At 77 years old, Carl McLain appears to be the picture of health. His half smile and twinkling eyes hint at a mischievous sense of humor. But eight years ago, he was far from feeling healthy. Mysterious symptoms such as pain in his legs, depression, anxiety and trouble sleeping led him to see one […]

Black and white side view of brain with electrodes and wires.

Diabetes, obesity drug studied for effect on Alzheimer’s

May 25, 2023

From social media to ads featuring an earworm jingle, it’s hard to escape hearing about Ozempic. Hailed for its game-changing effect on diabetes and obesity, semaglutide, the generic medication sold under the brand name Ozempic, is now being studied for its effectiveness on another deadly disease — Alzheimer’s. The Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer’s and […]