Health Confianza introduces new online community resource during Health Literacy Month

October is Health Literacy Month, and Health Confianza, a grant-funded initiative through the university which provides education, workforce training, health information and resources to the San Antonio area, has introduced an online resource with preventive health information.

The new online resource was created with health literacy principles and input from community health workers and UT Health San Antonio public health experts as UT Health San Antonio is a major sponsor of Health Confianza. Confianza is the Spanish word for “confidence” and/or “trust.”

This new resource site is for community members and can also be a useful tool for community health workers, social workers and other health and social service professional so they can to stay up-to-date on the many resources in the community for referrals and networking.

The new resource site offers information about the below topics and is offered in both English ( and Spanish (

  •      Local health clinics.
  •      Health coverage resources.
  •      Mental health resources.
  •      Organizations with community health workers.
  •      Downloadable health flyers and information.

To learn more about Health Confianza, click here.

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