Herff Jones data breach

UT Health San Antonio has been made aware of a data breach involving Herff Jones, the graduation cap and gown vendor used by universities across the country. We understand that this breach may have left bank information compromised, including customer data such as first/last name, address and credit card information.

We have not yet been contacted directly by Herff Jones with any information about the breach, but students at other universities have reported irregular bank activity and that bank account information has been compromised.

A cybersecurity incident update has been posted on the Herff Jones website.

If you or a family member made a recent purchase from Herff Jones, please:

  • Watch for suspicious transactions on your credit/debit card accounts such as purchases in another state or for items/at stores you don’t recognize.
  • Consider contacting your bank or credit card’s fraud department. They may advise the current card be cancelled and another new card be sent.
  • Watch for purchase confirmations or e-receipts sent to your email accounts and know that often, these emails may land in a junk folder.
  • If you see fraudulent transactions, call your bank or credit card company and have the card cancelled immediately.

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