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UT Health Careers is a recruiting and onboarding software application originally implemented in 2016 to support faculty processes. We are expanding this system to include both faculty and staff. This integration will allow hiring managers to increase the strength, size, and diversity of their candidate pool, reduce the time to hire, and engage in a more efficient process for hiring. Additional information regarding the system will be released as we begin to implement the system.

Talent Acquisition Skill and UT Health Careers System Training Opportunities

In support of the UT Health Careers expansion the HR Learning & Organization Development and Talent Acquisition Teams are launching two new courses to promote an improved hiring process. The aim of these courses is to:

  • Expand understanding and application of effective recruitment techniques
  • Increase recruitment effectiveness
  • Achieve consistency in the recruitment process
  • Explore the UT Health Careers software application to facilitate recruitment, hiring, and onboarding

Talent Acquisition: “What Hiring Managers Need to Know” is the first in a series of manager-specific courses that the HR Learning & Organization Development team will be offering. UT Health San Antonio managers play an essential role in ensuring we achieve our institutional mission and strategic goals. Managers must lead change, meet metrics, and balance the needs of the team with that of the department, school, and institution. UT Health Human Resources is dedicated to providing UT Health San Antonio managers the training, tools, and resources they need to succeed. These courses will be developed in alignment with annual institutional processes to provide just-in-time learning opportunities for our UT Health community.

Talent Acquisition: What Hiring Managers Need to Know: Designed for hiring managers, these two 2-hour courses will provide foundational knowledge of the hiring process, workforce planning, and the candidate experience. In these sessions, participants will:

  • Learn the foundations of workforce planning and how to apply it to their teams
  • Gain insight into the candidate experience
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the hiring manager and the resources available to support the recruitment process
  • Learn how to strategically approach interviews
  • Explore interview best practices to learn the information needed to make an informed hiring decision
  • Learn how to collaborate with others to facilitate the hiring process

UT Health Careers Systems Training: The systems training will focus on developing familiarity with the UT Health Careers employment system through interactive scenarios. In this session, participants will:

  • Explore UT Health Careers navigation and tools
  • Learn system functionality and available resources
  • Understand how the system supports the recruitment process

System eLearnings will be available in Knowledge Center prior to the enhancement release. Prior to gaining access to the UT Health Careers staff recruitment system, users will be required to complete either the in-classroom systems training or all applicable eLearnings.

The courses Talent Acquisition: What Hiring Managers Need to Know and UT Health Careers Systems Training are now available for registration in the Knowledge Center.

Please contact Learning & Organization Development ( if you have any questions or concerns about the training opportunities.

Contact for any questions regarding the UT Health Careers Expansion project.

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