Improving and building better Wi-Fi connectivity for students

In an effort to improve the digital experience for students and its employees, UT Health San Antonio has initiated a comprehensive effort aimed at improving Wi-Fi connectivity across the campus. The Long School of Medicine has a specific campaign for its students to complement the university’s investment to improve this essential and critical connectivity.

Recognizing the critical role technology plays in today’s education, the university has taken a proactive stance to invest in and improve Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure seamless access to online resources for efficient learning.

With an increasing reliance on online resources, virtual lectures and digital exams, as well as collaborative research platforms, a robust and reliable network has become indispensable for students, faculty and all university partners.

To kick off this effort, students will be able to provide easy, in-the-moment feedback about any connectivity issues by scanning a QR code in numerous areas around campus. The QR code in these targeted areas provides students an opportunity, 24/7, to give real-time feedback about Wi-Fi connectivity in seconds. Readied with this data, the university will continue to implement targeted solutions, such as infrastructure upgrades and additional placement of access points across campus.

University operational and functional leaders, as well as the Long School of Medicine’s academic leaders, are working together on this significant initiative acknowledging the pivotal role that seamless connectivity plays in facilitating learning and research.

“As we prepare our students for the ever-evolving landscape of health care, it is imperative that we provide them with the tools and resources they need. A reliable Wi-Fi network is a fundamental component of this commitment,” said Deb Conway, MD, vice dean for undergraduate medical education at the Long School of Medicine.

Target audiences can expect regular and frequent communication about the improvements, upgrades and investments being made guaranteeing a stable and reliable internet connection to support uninterrupted studies and exams.

For any questions or comments, please contact:

Deb Conway, MD

Vice Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education, Long School of Medicine

Jessica Hernandez

Director of Academic Programs, Long School of Medicine

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