Increased federal investigative activity and possible contact by federal agents

UT Health San Antonio faculty, post docs and staff:

Our university has been made aware of increased federal investigative activity around Texas related to foreign governments copying and stealing information from universities in our state and across the U.S.

We are taking this threat seriously and are being particularly vigilant about email phishing attempts and unsolicited or unusual contacts from foreign representatives or companies. Please use the ‘Phish Alert’ located on the tool bar of Microsoft Outlook if you suspect that an email is not credible. We also ask that you report any contact from a foreign company or representative that concerns you to UT Health SA Police Chief Michael Parks at and 210-567-2800 (option 3).

Because of the increased attention in Texas, it is likely that members of our campus community could be contacted by agents from the FBI who are investigating this threat nationwide. We are unaware who the FBI may contact, but several Texas universities have reported such activity.

Our university cooperates with law enforcement inquiries and it is not unusual for federal law enforcement officers to visit university faculty and staff during criminal investigations, or on national security matters. A visit by law enforcement does not automatically mean you are under investigation.

If an agent with the FBI calls you for an interview to help them with their investigation or you are visited personally, you may decide for yourself if you want to speak with them. These interviews, we are told by the FBI, would unlikely occur on campus.

Normally, you do not need the university’s permission to speak with a law enforcement officer about your work, including your research. If you have questions about sharing official university matters (such as student records or confidential materials), please contact Hailey Mullican in the Office of Legal Affairs at or (210) 450-8298 for assistance or advice.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time and if you have any concerns, please reach out to my office directly.

With great respect,

William L. Henrich, MD, MACP

President and Professor of Medicine

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