KENS 5: Why clinical trials about cancer are so important in San Antonio

The Mays Cancer Center is conducting more than 180 clinical trials.

Jeremy Baker interviewed Dr. Amelie Ramirez, chair of the Department of Population Health Sciences and associate director for Community Outreach and Engagement for the Mays Cancer Center.

Dr. Ramirez discussed the different cancers among ethnic groups, including the higher rate in Hispanics, and educated the community about the impact and benefit of patients enrolling in clinical trials.

Patient, Elsada Wilson, was interviewed about her experience participating in a clinical trial at the Mays Cancer Center. She explained the benefits of participating and why she wanted to play a role in helping to cure others.

Watch the full KENS 5 story.

Dr. Amelie Ramirez interviewed by Jeremy Baker from KENS 5

Patient interviewed by Jeremy Baker about clinical trials at Mays Cancer Center.


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