MD Tailored for their size—pediatric orthopedics at UT Medicine

pediatric orthopedics physician
The mission of pediatric orthopedics physicians practicing with UT Medicine San Antonio Their mission is to provide specialized care indiscriminately.

Specialists in Pediatric Orthopedics at UT Medicine San Antonio know, as the age-old medical school wisdom goes, children are not just little adults. The dedicated pediatric practice at UT Medicine San Antonio blends advanced surgical techniques, physical therapy and less invasive treatments with a passion for helping all children.

Practicing in San Antonio are four pediatric orthopedic surgeons who see patients at the University Health System Robert B. Green Campus downtown, UT Medicine’s Medical Arts & Research Center, the Ruthe B. Cowl Rehabilitation Center in Laredo and soon, in the renovated children’s hospital Horizon Tower located at University Hospital. While fracture care comprises a large portion of the program’s work, the specialists are prepared to evaluate and treat any and all gait, limb and spine abnormalities and deformities, ranging from broken bones and joint infections to cerebral palsy and scoliosis in patients as young as infants through adolescents and adult patients.

To each case, they also bring a unique appreciation for their patients.

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