Mental Health Awareness campaign designed to help employees

Knowledge is Power: Mental Health Awareness campaign offers a year of information

Starting in April, the Office of Human Resources will launch a 12-month Mental Health Awareness campaign to provide free informational sessions and resources for our UT Health San Antonio community. Every month we will focus on a different mental health and wellness topic to broaden awareness about the importance of mental health in overall wellbeing and provide advice and resources on a new UT Health San Antonio Mental Health Awareness website.

Health and wellness are important to all of us

In addition to focusing on physical health, it’s become more important than ever to focus on mental health as part of overall health and wellbeing. Awareness of resources can help us better understand and face life’s issues, including the mental health stressors and emotional difficulties we may face personally or among our friends and family. After a year of the pandemic, many reported undesired changes to weight, increased substance use including alcohol, and other behavior changes that may be related to prolonged stress, according to the American Psychological Association’s latest Stress in America poll. In addition, people experiencing adverse consequences from stress may not seek help because of misconceptions and social stigma, which can delay or prevent needed support or care.

To respond to this increased need and to support the wellness of our UT Health San Antonio community, the Mental Health Awareness website will feature monthly webinars, blogs, resources and guidance from experts – including our own UT Health San Antonio professionals. The mental health and wellness topics featured are listed on the website and new resources and information will continue to be added. Employees can use these resources to learn more, access personal support or refer their family, friends or co-workers.

UT Employee Assistance Program

Among our key resources promoted in the campaign is our UT Employee Assistance Program (UTEAP), which continues to provide support and free confidential counseling sessions as a benefit of UT Health San Antonio employment. UTEAP offers eligible UT Health San Antonio faculty, staff members and their dependents help with mental health questions and personal or workplace issues, including counseling sessions with licensed mental health professionals, legal and financial resources and Work Life referrals. Employees can access free, convenient and completely confidential and private services 24/7 through UTEAP (Username: uteap; Password: uteap).

We hope our UT Health San Antonio community will learn and benefit from these resources and feel supported to seek help and refer others.

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