A gift for Sebastian

Sebastian (in blue short) and his family pose with Cancer Center staff members Corinna Gutierrez and Cesar Ramirez, both RNs in radiation oncology.

By Mary Jackson, UT Health San Antonio Cancer Center

A few months ago, Sebastian Gonzalez was an active seventh-grader at E.T. Wrenn Middle School. Then, everything changed. At first, the doctor thought he had a stomach bug, but when the nausea and vomiting persisted his mom had a feeling it was something more serious. She insisted on further tests. Scans showed a tumor in Sebastian’s brain. Thanks to a mother’s intuition, Sebastian received life-saving surgery and treatment for his brain tumor.

Sebastian’s treatment includes radiation therapy at the UT Health San Antonio Cancer Center. Dr. Richard Crownover is his radiation oncologist. He received daily radiation therapy through the Christmas holidays and they continue into the New Year.

Sebastian maintains his sweet, loving and positive nature despite battling a serious disease. His mom describes him as big-hearted. He is known for being the class clown who greets his teachers with hugs and high fives. Sebastian wants to be a police officer or a Marine one day.

Like most 12-year-old boys, he likes video games and hot wheel cars. And he has one more passion―the Cleveland Cavaliers. His mom says the family has always been Spurs fans, but one day Sebastian saw a YouTube video of LeBron James. From that point on, he cheered for LeBron and his team.

The Cancer Center staff thought Sebastian and his family could use a little extra holiday cheer this year. Knowing that Sebastian loves all things Cavaliers, the staff set about to find Cavs-related items. But, not surprisingly, it is hard to find anything Cavaliers in the land of the Spurs.

“So, our resourceful social worker, Carol Sherman, called the Cavaliers and told them Sebastian’s story,” said Mary Jackson, director of the Cancer Center’s Patient & Family Assistance program. “The Cavaliers organization was as touched by Sebastian’s story as we were and sent a ‘Swag Bag’ full of Cavaliers goodies. Others pitched in and provided Cavs jerseys, socks and other assorted items. It’s a Cavaliers Bonanza! Mom, Dad and sister, Miracle Angel, were showered with gifts as well,” she said.


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