Message from President: As the July Fourth holiday approaches…

Dear faculty, staff, residents, fellows and students:

San Antonio is experiencing a sharp increase in the spread of COVID-19 virus. At this rate of increase, our city’s hospital capacity will be badly stressed, if not exceeded. The increase in COVID-19 positive cases and subsequent hospitalizations are related to the opening of restaurants, bars and theaters, coupled with the relaxation of measures that we know are effective, such as wearing of masks and physical distancing. Get-togethers around Memorial Day and Father’s Day were additional opportunities that likely contributed to exposures.

As July 4th approaches, I urge everyone to adopt the measures we know are effective in combating spread: wear a mask, practice good hand hygiene, continue physical distancing and stay away from crowds. These simple practices work, and we must rededicate ourselves to following them if we are to avoid illness and save lives.

Additional resources are available to you for more information:

My personal thanks in advance for your compliance on this critical matter.

With great respect and appreciation,

William L. Henrich, MD, MACP

President and Professor of Medicine

Learn more about our public education initiative, “We Can Stop the Spread”

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