Business service center expanding access

On April 16, the new My Service Center launches. Released as part of the EDGE objective of efficiency, there is now a one-stop location to obtain campus administrative services. My Service Center will include Financial Services, Human Resource Services, Marketing & Communications Services, and Information Technology Services.

Navigation is user-friendly, with an emphasis on a series of “easy buttons” for popular, common services. The IT Service catalog is streamlined, with services now easier to find, understand and request.

The remaining service areas are being phased in over the next few months, beginning with Financial Services, currently being released to VP areas and expanding to schools or departments soon. As each new unit of the organization is included, communication and how-to information will be released.

For now, when you see the “How can we help?” page, click on the IT Services button on the menu bar. That will take you to the new IT Service page that contains links to popular services, a self-help knowledge base, your past ticket requests and contact information for support. There is even a link to chat online with the IMS Service desk.

The new Financial Services page includes Business Services Center requests, but will soon expand to include additional service areas. The page contains links to popular services, helpful training resources and contact information.

You will continue to see updates to My Service Center over the next few months, each adding services or making administrative services work better so you can make lives better.

Access My Service Center. On Thursday, April 16, My Service Center will have a link in the My UT Health Business Application Index.

To see the full communication with screen captures of the new services pages.

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