Our new intranet name is….

Thank you to all of those who participated in the naming content for the new intranet site! We had hundreds of participants offer dozens of ideas for names for the new site launching this summer.

After narrowing down the top 10 names, our staff, faculty and students have spoken. With 46 percent of the vote, My UT Health will be the name of our new intranet site.

An intranet, sometimes called an employee portal, is an internal or private network that is accessible to people within an organization for the purpose of sharing centrally information that is relevant and pertinent to the organization’s work. My UT Health will  provide a vehicle for internal communication similar to the internet (World Wide Web), but is relevant to one organization exclusively.

An intranet makes communication timelier, easier, more efficient and less labor intensive than our current portal technology, which is almost 20 years old. Our intranet, My UT Health, will improve awareness of what is happening within UT Health, help drive operational efficiencies, automate certain processes and, ultimately, be the one, convenient location where everyone can access information easily within our complex organization.

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