New MyCloud service makes file sharing easy

UT Health San Antonio’s MyCloud provides private file sharing in the cloud, with seamless access to your files from any device, without the need for a VPN (virtual private network).  

MyCloud is a low-cost hybrid service that integrates storage on University servers while still providing all the benefits of secure cloud functionality. You can organize files into folders with shareable links and invite colleagues as well as non-MyCloud users to access the files. MyCloud has a simple drag-and-drop feature from your desktop to a browser for easily uploading files to the cloud. You can also install MyCloud on your desktop and sync files automatically to your account. Using a service like this means no more having to email files to yourself or plug and unplug USB thumb drives.

MyCloud can pull together multiple storage drives into a single view to help you easily find and manage your files. Using one search box, you can search for files across all of your storage services located on-premises (ie. leased mass storage and network drives) and on the cloud (ie. OneDrive for Business). You can also drag and drop files to move them from one service to another, which makes these different storage services work like a team. For a quick tour of MyCloud’s interface and features, watch the MyCloud Virtual Tour.

Visit the MyCloud FAQ page to learn more about MyCloud or contact the IMS Service Desk at 210-567-7777.

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