New option to set up direct deposit into two accounts

UT Health San Antonio has expanded direct deposit options to include adding two accounts.

  • Employees can use a new online feature to change or split their direct deposit pay earnings into two accounts and allocate a specific percentage of the total into each account.
  • To use this new feature, go to Employee Self Service. Under Actions, select Payroll and then Maintain Direct Deposit. From here, you can change your account information or add a second direct deposit account. Find complete instructions in the Employee Self Service User Guide.
  • You can update your direct deposit options at any time. Changes will be reflected on your next paycheck. Changes may take 10-14 day to process.
  • When accessing banking or other sensitive information, please ensure you do so using a secure connection. Read about important security measures to safeguard against potential attacks that could compromise your personal information.

If you have questions, call or email AskHR at 210-567-8847.

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