New password reset system to begin Aug. 29

The new and improved Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) system launches on Wednesday, Aug. 29. The new system conveniently allows users to quickly reset or change their domain password and unlock their domain account. The domain password gives access to accounts such as the University Exchange email account, Virtual Private Network (VPN), the HSCwave wireless network, the Knowledge Center, Canvas and more. Student email services with Microsoft LiveMail provides its own password reset process independent from SSPR.

Starting on Aug. 29, employees and students will be prompted to enroll in the new Self Service Password Reset system when they visit

Enrollment is a one-time process and takes only a few minutes. UT Health San Antonio takes the security of university information very seriously; this is why challenge questions and two-factor authentication will be used to verify that only authorized users can access or make changes to domain passwords in the new system.

For more information, visit

Questions? Contact the IMS Service Desk at 210-567-7777.


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