New website showcases School of Nursing’s mission, vision

UT Health San Antonio’s School of Nursing has launched a new academic website as part of a systematic university-wide initiative to bring an improved, effective web presence to all schools and departments. The new web presence showcases the school’s mission and vision across four key areas, aligning with our institutional missions—academics, research, patient care and community outreach.

One goal of the new site, built with the cooperation of the School of Nursing, IT and Marketing, Communications and Creative Media, is to enhance student recruitment goals for key programs. Links to sections that include different academic programs, clinical experiences, the admissions process and student life are prominently displayed atop the homepage. Many of the links most used by current students, faculty and staff are now available through the “Quicklinks” feature right under the search box, in the upper right portion of the new School of Nursing homepage.

A portion of the site dedicated to patient care is still “under construction.” The School of Nursing is actively working on plans to rebrand the health and wellness centers and better align the patient experience, as well as expand services provided in our health and wellness centers on campus. The goal over the course of the next several weeks is for the school to complete the rebrand and incorporate this key part of the mission into the online experience.

“The launch of a new school site represents a collaborative effort and a great deal of time, talent and input from all parties,” said Rachel Dowler, marketing specialist senior for the School of Nursing. “We are deeply appreciative to the members of Dean Eileen Breslin’s Executive Council who were actively engaged throughout the process and worked with proxies to meet turnaround times. Effectively, we were able to accomplish nine months of work in about half the time. Meeting this deadline was a mission-critical goal to gain visibility for our programs and to continue building our school’s reputation.”

Thoughts, comments or recommendations regarding the new site can be sent to Rachel Dowler.

View the new website here.

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